AR Vol 2: 「Analyze​/​/​Radiance」


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Peter Shillito
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Peter Shillito Once again, Amblis brings a compliation of new tracks from their incredible artists. Each track is totally unique, so don't be put off the others by any single track, you should listen to the whole thing. Some of these tracks are super experimental in sound and are nothing like anything I've heard before and are super awesome (looking at you Denpa.5). Then there's the Ol' Man River remix, which speaks for itself.

tl;dr LISTEN TO EVERY TRACK OH MY GOD Favorite track: システム//エラー.
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The year is ████.
Cities have become the technological giants of cyberpunk fiction. Various leaps in technology have been made- For instance, people can log into VR nodes that allow them to connect to "world forums": places where people from all over the world connect to socialize.
This story takes place in a particularly popular world forum, ████-NET.

Story has it, a bunch of kids from various walks of life then started to meet in ████-NET. Some big, some small, some rich, some poor- but all of them full of color, life, and ambition. The group started a new movement, musically and culturally. They quickly gained a reputation and to outsiders, they became known as AMBLIS.
Welcome to AR 2, a new collection of what the folks down here at Amblis have to offer, enjoy some of the energy, variety, and vibes the songs have to offer.

Love the album and wanna send a little love our way? We'd love to hear what you think of the compilation with a donation and a little review on the support section on this page.

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released April 18, 2015

~ C R E D I T S ~
Thanks to:
Everyone in the Amblis roster who made this album a thing.
Everyone who attended the Amblis Block Party
All of the DJs who actually made the Amblis Block Party a thing
My mom, RICKYSPANISH, Maikis, Neb Daught Kham, Shiki, Hannibal Burgers, the Boba Boyz, Hentai Dude, and anime girls everywhere (especially my waifu)
Also special thanks to /you/ (you're cute, BTW).

Shouts to Shelf Space Label, Mecha Yuri, Hexmania, Galaxy Swim Team, WWW Collective, Maltine Records, Trekkie Trax, Lowfer Records, and (our biggest inspiration) Altema Records. Along with all of the DJs/Producers putting out/mixing up awesome music, all of you help inspire not only us at Amblis, but new musicians and listeners all over the net to make and explore new music.

We can only hope to do that one day.








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Track Name: TheTerboh - Illusions (w/RICKYSPANISH, Maikis, and Neb Daught Kham)
Rick check the mike like it’s chess time/
Acid tab tucked under my tongue like it’s bedtime/
Kill time killin’ ill rhymes till it’s dead time
Breakin’ glass jaws off then fill em’ all with red wine/
Chin-checkin’ mothafuckas drunken fist punchin’ till lunches exit stomachs I been sick stuntin’ Jackie Chan wit the flu
I’m Jet Li wit two webbed feet My kicks wavy meant to make cement seem soft to you
Sick wit da shits: Atchoo! on deez rappers
Don’t Rick got da munchies: I - chew on deep rappers
Jackin’ off on bitches while da cartilage in wrist crackin’ dick active bum crashin’ causin’ anal prolapses
Relax or get ass ripped in two maybe 3 if she move
Big dick Rick cummin’ in her womb
I fucked a pregnant chick once n’ sent her kid to tomb
Had my hard head hittin’ kid yellin’ bitch move (Let me through!)

All these drugs I’m abusin’ got a brotha lookin’ in the mirror seein’ 2 men
Buyin’ weed from my plug checkin’ new scents until I’m touchin’ on green n’ purple like bruised skin
Ha, n’ Ima die with these illusions
Die with these illusions
Ima die with these illusions -
Beautiful confusion Ima’ die with these illusions

[Verse 2: Maikis]
I'm a man in my own right
Fuck a plane imma take my own flight
I'm a one winged angel on a cold night
I can feel her warm heart when I hold tight
Her bein hope, man hope like,
Tells me where to go when I have no sight
She made me feel like a man again
Until I realized that she faker than a mannequin
Damnit then Im not understandin it but all this confusion anger and rage I have to channel it
And then turn the channel to Nickelodeon because cartoon are realer that the feels I hold within
I got problems thatll prolly never get solved
But I try every time that I come and spit bars
I'll demand nothing but respect from these big stars when im on the top of the hill as for now its kill la kill

[Verse 3: Neb Daught Kham]

Prosperity is lost, focus, hocus pocus; no amount of fairy magic can demote this.
Worthless feeling of having a choice - stop the voice - is important said royce, da 5;9.
Bet I'll get mines until then I'll rep EBR and spit these rhymes, it's our time.
I've always wondered why the fuck we weren't next, that's because we missed tupac's text; and it says HEY!
I know you're trying, your raps are inspiring, but they stay envious, the hate it is constantly pilling, but you stick with it and top is where you will sit smiling? STOP LYING..BITCH
We Stay Here, We End Our Days Here.;We gon get married one day and our kids will play here!
My final moments, I wiil lay here and I'll say here, I raised you proud till the day here..I died. That's life.

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: TheTerboh]
Call me the major, finna bring on the danger
Kusanagi better watch out before I rock her body
Shout, astout, or is it astute?
Catch me chillin' in the back in a new suit
See, my girl like Nurse Joy, I'm feared like Ganon
Don't step to me boy, turn my arms into beam cannons
Katana, yo mama, my girl is named Yolanda no drama
Dalai Lama parmesan with Big Sean
Or Rick Ross, I'm the big boss, pop it
My girl pretty, just like Kate Upton
Neo-Tokyo governmental corruption
Obstruction to your mind's eye
And by the way, my swag mile high
Hop up in the battle activate my bankai
Like swag up no jutsu, your girl lame she fufu
I'm steel beams, y'all jet fuel
Can't melt me, I'm too rude